When Trials Come …

Hi friends, It's been a while since we've last posted.  We are well.  Life in HK has been really busy with teaching,  making connections, going out to eat, shopping, looking for a church (which is another blog to come in the near future) and building relationships. Last night, our family finally returned to doing Family... Continue Reading →

Thinking out loud …

Friends ... well it's Tuesday night, almost 10pm as I'm writing this blog.  Today was / is Gloria's birthday as she turned 25 again.  We went out for dinner at a local restaurant in Tai Wai which is a few MTR stations away from where we are in Shek Mun.  As a family, we thankful... Continue Reading →

A Day in the Life of the Wong’s

Friends, Apologies for not posting yesterday as it passed by pretty quickly!  Haha!  We are settling in much better, trying to create new routines that work for all of us ... but definitely a "work in progress."  So, as I'm writing our blog, our boys are both on some tech doing homework / watching YouTube,... Continue Reading →

First Couple of Days of School

Well friends the first couple of days of school have come and gone and ... WOW!!!  Thankful for the journey that God has brought us through and He is continuing to grow us into His image more and more.  Let's start from the first official day of school. The day started with the ES (Elementary... Continue Reading →

God is Faithful

Well ... it's Friday night as I type and Gloria reminded me that we didn't Blog on Tuesday. It's been a crazy last 2 weeks in Hong Kong.  Teacher Orientation was full on, weather was blazing hot a couple of days, and yet, God is faithful through and through. I think I survived Orientation Week.... Continue Reading →

6 Days of Hong Kong

Dear Family and Friends Ok ... let's try this again.  My last blog was super short, didn't make a whole of sense, so I'm hoping this one will.  Are we still tired?  Yup!  Our boys have been sleeping on average, 8 to 10 hours every night since we've been here.  Summer Camp, long nights have... Continue Reading →

Greetings from Hong Kong

Dear Friends! We made it!  Living in Hong Kong the last few days has been surreal to say the least.  It feels like we're on vacation!  Our 15 hour flight was quite enjoyable, especially when you're able to sleep most of the way!!  I definitely caught up on my sleep and banked some sleep for... Continue Reading →

Open Letter … Harvest York

Dear Harvest York! 8 years ago we stepped into Harvest Bible Chapel York.  With some encouragement by friends who were attending Harvest Oakville and London, we decided to make the long drive from Brooklin to Markham.  Haha.  "Someone" in my home said it was a long drive for church, yet we shopped at Foody Mart... Continue Reading →

10 days and counting

Friends I can't believe that we're now down to almost single digits before our family departs for Hong Kong!!  Time has certainly flew by!!  Packing is well under way and we are now focusing on the nitty gritty of our home.  I thought we could share with you some of the highlights / high points... Continue Reading →

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