Here are a few FAQ’s that have been asked of us.

  1.  Where are you going?  Hong Kong, to be exact, Shatin which is in the New Territories.
  2.  What are you doing in HK?  Dan will be teaching Grade 4 at the International Christian School.
  3.  Where will you be living?  On campus for the first year, and the second year we need to find our own accommodations.
  4. How long will you be in HK?  Dan has signed a 2 year contract, renewable after … if they like him.  But to be honest, we don’t know.
  5. Why are you going to HK?  We have always talked about Dan teaching overseas.  Hong Kong was the obvious choice – we both have relatives living in HK, we speak the language, we look the part.  However, as we prayed and sought the Lord over this matter, it became apparently clear to us, that God was leading our family to HK.
  6. What church will you be attending? We have been watching and listening to sermons online for a few months now.  We have narrowed our choices between Watermark Church and ECC Island.
  7. Are you going to Hong Kong to plant a church? Harvest Hong Kong?  We have been asked this question soooooooo many times.  Our answer: If God allows us the privilege and opportunity to help launch a Harvest church, we are definitely on board!
  8. Will you be driving?  We plan on getting our Hong Kong driver’s license.
  9. What is the greatest concern for us, as a family, our boys? One concern is that we will stay and not come back for a while to live.  We do plan on coming home to visit.  Our boys concern, for now, is not seeing friends. We do have other concerns, however, we trust that the Lord is bringing us to HK and so, He will provide for our needs.
  10. Cockroaches or Lizards?  Both!
  11. What language do people speak in HK?  Cantonese in the main language, however, English is also commonly spoken.  Dan’s school is an American school and all instruction is done in English.