Donuts, Food and Life

Well friends, it definitely has been a while since we last posted anything and to try and catch up would be almost impossible.  Our family has settled more in Hong Kong and trying establish some better norms; however, that too poses difficulties.  I’ll share more in another Blog.

Let’s talk about Malaysia.  Our family took a long awaited trip to Malaysia during our Spring Break.  Long awaited because it’s been a desire of ours to travel and timing, of course is everything.  And so, our family embarked on our first ever overseas trip.  Follow #travelingthewongwayhk on Instagram for more pics of our time in KL, Malaysia, plus other trips we plan on taking … including this summer!!  We are going to …

Malaysia is such a beautiful country.  We experienced the sites, the sounds, and of course the food.  For this particular Blog, Malachi and Timothy will share briefly some of their thoughts and favourite places and foods!!


Malachi’s Top 5 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia Memories.

1. Twin Towers – One of my favourite things to do in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia was going to the Petronas Towers because I didn’t know if I would ever see it! Also, I like that we found Wendy’s. I had a cheeseburger that tasted like home.

2. KL Aquaria – The second thing that I liked was visiting KL Aquaria. There were some fish that I have never seen before. It reminded me of the aquarium in Toronto, Canada.

3. China Town – When we were there, there was a big storm that flooded some parts of the road. Besides the flood, we had some yummy food such as Laksa. I also got an Ice Watch.

4. Central Market KL – At Central Market, in order to go to the toilet, we had to pay 0.50 RM. I had mint ice cream.  My parents also bought me a wooden keychain that had my name in it.

5. Bird Park – Lastly the Bird Park was super cool to see birds fly all over the place. It is the largest free-flying places that birds can fly. We saw peacocks, owls and some weird bird that made sounds that sounded like a computer.

This was a very a fun and memorable time in Malaysia!


Life in KL, Malaysia by Timothy Wong. 

Our family was in KL, Malaysia for 10 days.  We went to Chinatown to have Laksa.  Laksa is very yummy.  We also bought some Beef Jerky and it was juicy.  We stayed at Ambassador Row and Hotel Suites, and the beds were very, very, very comfy.  I also celebrated my 8th Birthday in KL!! For my birthday, I had Dominoes Pizza!!  While we were at KL, we visited KL Aquaria.  There were people feeding the sharks and fish.  I loved KL and I would like to go back some day.


Friends, there you have it.  Our family did enjoy ourselves quite a bit in KL and have already talked about visiting again.  This time we will probably go to Penang.  Thanks for joining us, for reading our Blogs and staying in touch.  If you’ve ever been to Malaysia, we would love to hear about your Top choices in Malaysia.

We will be posting a Vlog sometime soon on our YouTube Channel: Going the Wong Way HK as well.  Stay tuned!!

We’ll do our best to post / blog once a week … getting back on track!!

You are loved.