God is Faithful

Well … it’s Friday night as I type and Gloria reminded me that we didn’t Blog on Tuesday. It’s been a crazy last 2 weeks in Hong Kong.  Teacher Orientation was full on, weather was blazing hot a couple of days, and yet, God is faithful through and through.

I think I survived Orientation Week.  There was so much to learn, take in, adapt, grow, you name it!  From an educational side of things, it was demanding.  Being at a new school, I have been learning more about Common Core, Standards, different assessment tools, Rubicon Atlas, Power Teacher / School – the way it ought to run!  Friends at Norman G Powers … let’s chat once I learn more about the capabilities!  You’ll like it as long as the Board allows you to use it properly.


On top of this, trying to get my classroom together!  Cleaning the room was a challenge.  My colleagues / friends at ICS now know me a little bit more!  Thankful that Gloria helped out with some aspects, thankful for EA’s who laminated posters, put contact paper on my reading bins – they are such a great support for teachers!  We, our Grade 4 team, also have a TA who will be assisting us with daily teaching, small groups, guided reading / math, the list goes on.


We are so thankful.  God has been faithful by providing new friends, friends for our boys.  Our prayers were answered AGAIN!!  We specifically prayed for a family on our floor that our boys would come to know, and build relationships!  Not only did God provide one family, but 2!! They have already gone on little mini-trips to different parts of Hong Kong, they have gone swimming at our school pool, etc.

To be honest, the last couple of days back in Canada were stressful.  Leaving friends and my mom and brother at the airport was super difficult; however, being at ICS, being with like-minded people has been such a blessing.  Every story is almost the same!  Our new friends all came to ICS because of God’s leading for some change our lives.  All of us would agree that the Lord called us to ICS.  We look forward to the days ahead.  School starts on Tuesday – that’s absolutely crazy, yet, I’m anticipating amazing things!

In my own personal time with the Lord, I have been reading through Ephesians.  In Chapter 2:10, the apostle Paul pens:  “For we are his workmanship, created in Christ Jesus for good works, which God prepared beforehand that we should walk in them.”

God is at work here in Hong Kong.  We find our confidence knowing that the Lord has gone before us.  Keep in touch friends.

You are loved!

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