Greetings from Hong Kong

IMG_7959Dear Friends!

We made it!  Living in Hong Kong the last few days has been surreal to say the least.  It feels like we’re on vacation!  Our 15 hour flight was quite enjoyable, especially when you’re able to sleep most of the way!!  I definitely caught up on my sleep and banked some sleep for the future.


Thank you for praying for us as we travelled, for our boxes to arrive and for your continued support.  It was a difficult good bye to my mom and brother, and dear friends of ours … however we know that God will continue to provide for them, as He has for us.


I’m not really sure where to begin, except to say that International Christian School has been a blessing to us already.  Their hospitality is amazing!!  Thank you!  We have made friends already, our boys are in camp, and they both come home exhausted!  Both Malachi and Timothy slept for almost 11 hours on Monday night.  Teacher Orientation has been fun, challenging, however it’s been an overall excellent start to a new chapter for our family.


Today we were able to go for a neighbourhood walk and I shared with Gloria that, “we’re in the right place – it was not a mistake for us come to Hong Kong.”

I’m really at a lost for words … probably because I’m tired.  Perhaps I’ll post another blog by the end of the week when I can actually wrap my head around what we’ve done and the direction we are headed.

Thanks friends.

You are loved!

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