10 days and counting



I can’t believe that we’re now down to almost single digits before our family departs for Hong Kong!!  Time has certainly flew by!!  Packing is well under way and we are now focusing on the nitty gritty of our home.  I thought we could share with you some of the highlights / high points of our journey thus far and not in any particular order either … as it pertains to how God has provided for our family.

  1. Gloria has been amazing through this time.  Preparing our family – packing, organizing, etc.
  2. VISAS were approved and flights booked.
  3. Provided by way of the selling of our Honda FIT, our house situation is taken care of.
  4. Financially provided for us – there’s no real logical explanations of how we have managed to financially take care of business, except that it’s a God thing.
  5. Thankful for wonderful friends who understand what it is that we’re doing and those who “get the why”.
  6. The amount of encouragement and prayer support from people and friends.
  7. Answered prayers … so many …
  8. The growth that we have seen in each other, our boys, as well as family and friends.

The above is simply a quick overview … but truly amazing!

Are we excited?  Getting there.  Malachi has been asking for months while our youngest, Timothy, continues to struggle with the idea of leaving home.  Would you consider praying for him? Thanks.

However, we are excited for a number of things:

  1.  Ministry opportunities … where and how will God use us in Hong Kong for His Kingdom
  2. Hiking in Hong Kong – Dragon’s Back here we come!!
  3. Food in Hong Kong
  4. Teaching and being in full time ministry
  5. Worshipping with brothers and sisters in HK
  6. More growth
  7. Stepping out of our comfort zone … or stepping out of the boat …
  8. Building new friendships / relationships with people who are like minded
  9. Exploring Hong Kong …
  10. Being on a Dragonboat-team … that’s on my personal bucketlist


Lately, as we’ve been prepping, I’ve listening to some sermons online.  One by Ron Zappia of Highpoint Church really encouraged our hearts.

Ron Zappia’s sermon title: Are you a Boat Hugger or a Water Walker, really spoke to us.  His reference was Matt 14:22-33.  In context, Peter walks on water.  Ron reminds us that the boat is a place of comfort, of security.  Getting out of the boat requires faith, dependence.  Ron shares 5 boats to step out of: Comfort, Compromise, Complacency, Conformity, and Carnality.

He also goes on to share that stepping out in faith requires: recognizing His Presence, requesting His Guidance, respond in Faith, remember your Focus, rejoice in Worship.

“Better be with Jesus in the Water, Instead of being in the boat without Him”

If you were to ask myself or Gloria how we’re doing these days, our response would be something like this: “We have grown so much in the past 6 months,” “We have learned to depend on God more and more,” “We have seen our boys pray more, read more.”

Is there a boat that God is asking you to step out of? What’s holding you back?

We are excited for what’s next.  We will continue to trust the Lord with all matters.  Our confidence is found in Christ. There’s no doubt that God is leading us during this season of our lives.

Thank you friends for your support, words of encouragement.  Till next week!

You are loved!


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