Shortest Vacation Ever


This past weekend was by far the shortest vacation we, as a family, have ever had.  Our time was spent in Parry Sound watching Fireworks, exploring the city a little, plus having a family photo shoot!  We’ll show you our photos once we get them back!!  We were able to go out for lunch and spend some extended time as well.  We will miss this particular family, however, thanks to social media, we will be able to keep in touch with them.

After lunch we travelled to Muskoka to spend some more time with friends.  This friendship has spanned over 30+ years.  We have literally walked together in this thing we call life.  Our friendship started way back when we were in Grade 2 … as far as I can remember.  Both our families have bonded super well and our kids had such a fun time together.  We played some beach volleyball, mini golf, basketball, eating ice cream at Uncle Larry’s and the best part was tubing!


Timothy went tubing for the first time and Malachi had no problems going again.  We have enjoyed our yearly tradition of going up to Muskoka to spend a couple of days with our dear friends.  We will miss them dearly, however, God willing we will see them in about 2 years time.

This was our summer vacation.  Now back to the grind of getting our home and family prepped for Hong Kong.  We went to the city dump to dispose of some stuff, cut the grass again, and cleared out our garage.


We do have something to share with you too!  Our Hong Kong VISA was approved!  Praise God and so, our next step is getting our flights booked.  As a friend said to me today, “I can’t believe it’s all coming together.”  This is a God thing.  As we see prayer after prayer being answered, we are confident that God is at Work.  It’s always about Him.

We are getting excited for Hong Kong!  We’re excited for the many opportunities that the Lord has prepared for us already.  We would appreciate your prayers as we close in on our departure date.  Thank you friends for all your encouragement and support.

You are loved!

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