6 Days of Hong Kong


Dear Family and Friends

Ok … let’s try this again.  My last blog was super short, didn’t make a whole of sense, so I’m hoping this one will.  Are we still tired?  Yup!  Our boys have been sleeping on average, 8 to 10 hours every night since we’ve been here.  Summer Camp, long nights have definitely been part of the slumber! Here we go … a short / brief recap of this past week.

Aside from landing in Hong Kong which was quite eventful we, as a family, have had an extremely busy time.  We still don’t have a cell phone number, working on banking, and basically using our school’s wifi.  Hoping to get on the rest of the stuff tomorrow – which is Saturday – or at least next week.


We began the week with a super welcome from ICS with breakfast … which was basically everyday for our whole family and new faculty.  Monday we had to obtain our HKID cards.  This was quite the experience.  Surprisingly, not a lot of paper work, however, there were so many people at the “office” that both Gloria and I were a bit overwhelmed. Later that day the school treated us to Dim Sum and we ended the day with laptop distribution.  For all my NGP / Durham peeps … this is the way to do it.  Every teacher gets a laptop.  Thankful! That evening, again, ICS treated us to some KFC dinner!!  Not exactly Chinese but still hit the spot!


Tuesday through Thursday was basically the same … breakfast, devotions and then some kind of in-service regarding school philosophy / motto, tech, school tour, lunch, Elementary School time, a tour of City One, Mah On San, Sai Kung, Tsim Sha Tsui, more eating and some shopping.  It was most definitely busy.  Our boys were troopers too!  They spent the entire day at Camp and then were still able to come out on our evening excursions!


Today … is Friday in Hong Kong.  Today was a bit different.  We had our morning routine, however, we then took a bus ride to somewhere in Hong Kong, landed at a spot called Crossroads (check out their website: https://www.crossroads.org.hk).  I think some of you will find this interesting and perhaps something to get yourself involved with.  At Crossroads, we were educated about poverty, and other issues that exist in our world.  This is not new.  For those of you who know me, I have always had a heart for reaching the lost.  The director spoke to us about being the hands and feet, making a difference.  We were put through a simulation of people living in the slums.  Our task was to make paper bags.  There were of course restrictions, some structure, however, at the heart of it, was for us to have some empathy to those who live in these conditions.  It was difficult at times.  I would say that all of us were impacted.   I had to “sell” one of my kidneys for money, and Gloria was sold to the landlord to be his second wife.

7 billion people live on earth.  3 billion live on less than $4US a day.  Our challenge was simple: what are you going to do?

One of the reasons, Gloria and I decided to come to Hong Kong was this.  How can we be salt and light to the community here in Hong Kong?  What ministry can we plug ourselves into?  Remember, it’s only Day 6 of being in Hong Kong, however, God is slowly showing us the reality of Hong Kong.  There are slums, homeless villages in HK.  We need to move.  We need to be the hands and feet of Christ.  Friends, don’t get too comfortable.  We were both reassured of our calling to Hong Kong today.  Not only will I be teaching, discipling kids / families every day, there is also an opportunity to serve the people of Hong Kong.


Our prayer is that we continue to focus on the Lord, be available to do whatever He’s asking of us.  We know that He has plans for us, for our boys … it’s only the beginning!

You are loved!

Greetings from Hong Kong

IMG_7959Dear Friends!

We made it!  Living in Hong Kong the last few days has been surreal to say the least.  It feels like we’re on vacation!  Our 15 hour flight was quite enjoyable, especially when you’re able to sleep most of the way!!  I definitely caught up on my sleep and banked some sleep for the future.


Thank you for praying for us as we travelled, for our boxes to arrive and for your continued support.  It was a difficult good bye to my mom and brother, and dear friends of ours … however we know that God will continue to provide for them, as He has for us.


I’m not really sure where to begin, except to say that International Christian School has been a blessing to us already.  Their hospitality is amazing!!  Thank you!  We have made friends already, our boys are in camp, and they both come home exhausted!  Both Malachi and Timothy slept for almost 11 hours on Monday night.  Teacher Orientation has been fun, challenging, however it’s been an overall excellent start to a new chapter for our family.


Today we were able to go for a neighbourhood walk and I shared with Gloria that, “we’re in the right place – it was not a mistake for us come to Hong Kong.”

I’m really at a lost for words … probably because I’m tired.  Perhaps I’ll post another blog by the end of the week when I can actually wrap my head around what we’ve done and the direction we are headed.

Thanks friends.

You are loved!

Open Letter … Harvest York


Dear Harvest York!

8 years ago we stepped into Harvest Bible Chapel York.  With some encouragement by friends who were attending Harvest Oakville and London, we decided to make the long drive from Brooklin to Markham.  Haha.  “Someone” in my home said it was a long drive for church, yet we shopped at Foody Mart once a week.  Hmmmm …

We are glad that we did.  We visited once, and that was it!!  We never stopped coming.  After a few Sunday’s I was asked to audition to be part of the worship team, and what a joy it was to serve alongside those who had a passion for worship.

Although we were part of the core group at Harvest Durham, we attended York regularly for more than a year.  During that time Harvest York, you poured into us, you encouraged us, we made many friends, and continue to have great relationships at York.  You loved us tangibly and we are super thankful and grateful.

During that season, Gloria was pregnant with Timothy, had some complications and required emergency surgery.  I was at a lost in terms of who to contact, so I contacted Pastor Paul.  Like a shepherd, he prayed for us and encouraged me at that particular time.  Pastor Paul also called me and asked me where I was …. and eventually he showed up at the hospital to be by our side.  Both Gloria and I will never forget your love and genuine care!

Fast foward to the present … we continue to be encouraged by those at Harvest York.  It was a pleasure for Gloria and I to serve at AWANA, to have our boys part of AWANA for 2 years, developing great relationships, more importantly seeing them grow in their desire to serve and love the Lord, as well as having our boys attend Harvest Summer Kids.  Your love for kids is evident.  Your passion to share the Gospel is obvious! Thank you for pouring into our boys.


When we shared that we were moving to HK, we were overwhelmed by the love, support and prayers by many at HY.  Thank you to many – it’s been a joy to attend Harvest York.  We started our time at York and Gloria and I both decided that we would end our time in Canada at Harvest York.  I don’t think this is the last time we’ll see one another again.  We are trusting in the Lord for great things to come in the days and months and years ahead!

“Harvest York, you will always have a special place in our hearts.  Every time we come and visit, it’s like coming home.  We are always welcomed by you.  Your love is evident.  Our boys love being there!  Thank you Sue for praying with me today after the service.  Thank you Pastor Paul for your warm and kind words.  Words cannot express how we truly feel about HY.  It was very difficult for me to leave … and I haven’t stopped crying.  Dan has to type this for me.  We love you all very much!  We will be praying for you. ~ Gloria”

Thank you for your heart for missions.  Thank you for your prayers.  Thank you for your leadership.

Harvest York … You are loved!


10 days and counting



I can’t believe that we’re now down to almost single digits before our family departs for Hong Kong!!  Time has certainly flew by!!  Packing is well under way and we are now focusing on the nitty gritty of our home.  I thought we could share with you some of the highlights / high points of our journey thus far and not in any particular order either … as it pertains to how God has provided for our family.

  1. Gloria has been amazing through this time.  Preparing our family – packing, organizing, etc.
  2. VISAS were approved and flights booked.
  3. Provided by way of the selling of our Honda FIT, our house situation is taken care of.
  4. Financially provided for us – there’s no real logical explanations of how we have managed to financially take care of business, except that it’s a God thing.
  5. Thankful for wonderful friends who understand what it is that we’re doing and those who “get the why”.
  6. The amount of encouragement and prayer support from people and friends.
  7. Answered prayers … so many …
  8. The growth that we have seen in each other, our boys, as well as family and friends.

The above is simply a quick overview … but truly amazing!

Are we excited?  Getting there.  Malachi has been asking for months while our youngest, Timothy, continues to struggle with the idea of leaving home.  Would you consider praying for him? Thanks.

However, we are excited for a number of things:

  1.  Ministry opportunities … where and how will God use us in Hong Kong for His Kingdom
  2. Hiking in Hong Kong – Dragon’s Back here we come!!
  3. Food in Hong Kong
  4. Teaching and being in full time ministry
  5. Worshipping with brothers and sisters in HK
  6. More growth
  7. Stepping out of our comfort zone … or stepping out of the boat …
  8. Building new friendships / relationships with people who are like minded
  9. Exploring Hong Kong …
  10. Being on a Dragonboat-team … that’s on my personal bucketlist


Lately, as we’ve been prepping, I’ve listening to some sermons online.  One by Ron Zappia of Highpoint Church really encouraged our hearts.

Ron Zappia’s sermon title: Are you a Boat Hugger or a Water Walker, really spoke to us.  His reference was Matt 14:22-33.  In context, Peter walks on water.  Ron reminds us that the boat is a place of comfort, of security.  Getting out of the boat requires faith, dependence.  Ron shares 5 boats to step out of: Comfort, Compromise, Complacency, Conformity, and Carnality.

He also goes on to share that stepping out in faith requires: recognizing His Presence, requesting His Guidance, respond in Faith, remember your Focus, rejoice in Worship.

“Better be with Jesus in the Water, Instead of being in the boat without Him”

If you were to ask myself or Gloria how we’re doing these days, our response would be something like this: “We have grown so much in the past 6 months,” “We have learned to depend on God more and more,” “We have seen our boys pray more, read more.”

Is there a boat that God is asking you to step out of? What’s holding you back?

We are excited for what’s next.  We will continue to trust the Lord with all matters.  Our confidence is found in Christ. There’s no doubt that God is leading us during this season of our lives.

Thank you friends for your support, words of encouragement.  Till next week!

You are loved!


Shortest Vacation Ever


This past weekend was by far the shortest vacation we, as a family, have ever had.  Our time was spent in Parry Sound watching Fireworks, exploring the city a little, plus having a family photo shoot!  We’ll show you our photos once we get them back!!  We were able to go out for lunch and spend some extended time as well.  We will miss this particular family, however, thanks to social media, we will be able to keep in touch with them.

After lunch we travelled to Muskoka to spend some more time with friends.  This friendship has spanned over 30+ years.  We have literally walked together in this thing we call life.  Our friendship started way back when we were in Grade 2 … as far as I can remember.  Both our families have bonded super well and our kids had such a fun time together.  We played some beach volleyball, mini golf, basketball, eating ice cream at Uncle Larry’s and the best part was tubing!


Timothy went tubing for the first time and Malachi had no problems going again.  We have enjoyed our yearly tradition of going up to Muskoka to spend a couple of days with our dear friends.  We will miss them dearly, however, God willing we will see them in about 2 years time.

This was our summer vacation.  Now back to the grind of getting our home and family prepped for Hong Kong.  We went to the city dump to dispose of some stuff, cut the grass again, and cleared out our garage.


We do have something to share with you too!  Our Hong Kong VISA was approved!  Praise God and so, our next step is getting our flights booked.  As a friend said to me today, “I can’t believe it’s all coming together.”  This is a God thing.  As we see prayer after prayer being answered, we are confident that God is at Work.  It’s always about Him.

We are getting excited for Hong Kong!  We’re excited for the many opportunities that the Lord has prepared for us already.  We would appreciate your prayers as we close in on our departure date.  Thank you friends for all your encouragement and support.

You are loved!