God in the midst


Today is Friday.  I’m at school … working on reports, cleaning my room and writing this Blog.  I sent a text earlier to let Gloria know that someone was on their way to pick up our couch and love-seat.  This is a big deal.  Our boys have only known in their short lives, the two couches we have ever owned.  We took pictures of the couches with our boys sitting on them as a memory.

I think some of you know where this is headed.  When the couches were on their way out, Gloria shared that our boys sat on the couches until the very last minute … quite upset, cried.  I was upset just to read about their reaction.  This is real.  As raw as it can get.  Our boys being only 9 and 7, are experiencing a trial.  A trial that they are going through … not because they asked for it, but because we decided to move forward with our relocation to Hong Kong.

Friends, I won’t deny it, there are days when I question whether we are doing the right thing.  Is God really asking us to move to Hong Kong for His purpose?  How are our boys going to do with the transition? How are we going to do?

I was reminded again, this morning, that God is in control.  I was encouraged again this morning to know that my new school and staff are praying for us.  Thankful to many who are on this journey with us.

A couple of days ago during our family worship time, we decided to sing some old school worship songs and hymns.  One of which of You are My all is all and This is my Father’s World. The words that really resonated with us, “You are my strength when I am weak … You are my all in all.”  We are trusting the Lord in this matter.  He’s all that we need, all that we have going forward.  My prayer is that God would continue to grow something new in our family, in our lives.  Pray that our boys would see God in the midst of all of this.

James 1 tells us that “trials is a testing of our faith.”  This indeed is true.  May we strive to keep our eyes on Christ.  May we lead our boys and even ourselves with much perseverance and with guarded hearts.

Would this be an encouragement to you, to those who find themselves in a trial.  Remember, that “this is our Father’s world … oh let me never forget … God is the ruler yet.”

I truly believe that God is at work.  In my life and in my family’s as well.  He is sovereign! Resting in His love and grace.

You are loved.


  1. Tessie Rovillos · June 2, 2017

    We will miss you all…but, as you said, prayers for direction is vital in our walk with God and seeking His will for us. Our get-together is all set for the 24 th of June, Saturday at my place in Courtice from 1:00-6:00. I asked family and friends that knows you from Calvary church to come.

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  2. Drew Bailey · June 3, 2017

    You are loved brother. God is in control, he prepared your heart for this, all that discussion about starting a school, it was to help you leave your comfort zone and follow him. I know it! God is so good.

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