Deep Friendships


This past weekend, our family had the opportunity to spend some precious time with dear friends of ours.  It was such an encouragement to both myself and wife. Our boys also got in on the action, and had some sweet time with their kids.  It was a reminder to us of the deep friendships and relationships that we have here in Canada.  Our friendship with this particular family goes deep, many years, but our common bond in knowing and having a relationship with Christ is what binds us together.  We are going the miss them.

There’s something to be said about having commonalities, being like-minded.  The openness of our conversations – 7 HOURS none stop this past weekend! – the depth that one can go is a precious gift.

As I get older and somewhat more mature, the value of being like minded is so important.  Working on a project, planning an event, raising our children, or Missions focused are examples of being like-minded, striving for the same goal!  On Mission!

We are down to about 50 days until we leave for Hong Kong.  We are still on Mission.  First to Go … but why?  To make disciples.  Our desire to be obedient to God’s leading and calling.  We are 110% confident that the Lord is directing our family in this direction.  When we arrive, land, settle into our 700 Sq ft room, we need to rest on this truth – that God is at work, that He has a purpose in our relocation, and we need to trust Him with all of our hearts … especially when we want to go home, back to Canada.

Our conversation with our friends did not really end.  We had to go home because it was late!  It’s in the plans to get together again!

Friends, may I encourage you to surround yourself with those whom understand you.  Those who will challenge you because they love you.  Those who will be by your side.  Be with people who will support you no matter what, without asking you questions that you’ve already thought through.  Cultivate relationships with those who will walk with you through life.

We are indeed thankful for our friends.  Praise God for lasting relationships!

You are loved!



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