Tears … It’s getting real!


Last night during Family Worship, we were reading through Psalm 27 with our boys.  As a family we camped out a little bit on verse 11: “Teach me your way, O Lord, and lead me on a level path.”  We talked about what this meant, how does God teach us?  Our boys shared that we need to be in the Word, allow for others to speak into us, to listen carefully to Him.  We also noticed that the second part of the verse starts by saying, “Lead me” … it’s almost like King David asking God for direction … and where to?  On a level path.  I asked the boys what is easier?  Level path? or crooked? zig zag path?  Uphill?  Both said “level.”  I would have to agree, however we do know that in life, our paths are never always level.  There are seasons when we are constantly going uphill, sometimes down in the trenches, other seasons of life, obstacles are everywhere.  The one truth we can depend on – God is with us.  He is our Shepherd … to guide and direct.  We reminded our boys about Proverbs 3: 5, 6 – “Trust in the Lord … and He will make your paths straight.”

Which path are you currently walking on?

Are you on a level path?  Going uphill, constantly in battle?

As we ended our Family Worship, our youngest son, became quite quiet.  Then tears came, and he shared, “I don’t want to go to Hong Kong.”  He’s in a battle.  He doesn’t want to leave some of his friends.  Our family is in a battle – we can actually feel it.

As the day for our departure quickly comes, we are all feeling the stress, strain and sadness of leaving.  I reminded our boys to continually trust in God.   He has a plan for us.  The path that we are on may seem a bit shaky at times, however, God is in control.  He is the one leading us.  Like David, we have asked the Lord … “Lead me.” Like Samuel, we have also said, “Lord, Here am I.”

Thank you to friends who are praying with us as we heed the Lord’s calling / leading to Hong Kong.  We know that God has a plan for us.  We are going with great anticipation to do God’s work.  May we continue to strive for Christ – likeness and to lead our boys and family with much humbleness and dependence on God.

You are loved!


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